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Where are all my readers? I think I’ve loved books as long as I’ve been breathing. One of my mom’s favorite stories to tell is about how each night at bedtime, I’d run down the hall in my pink nightgown excitedly whispering “books books books!” the whole way. As a child I mostly read fiction, getting totally lost in stories about adventurous girls, wild horses, or long lasting friendships. As an adult, I’ve mostly read non-fiction personal and professional development books but one of my mentors mentioned that I still gravitate to the writers who are great storytellers. This girl loves a good story.


I’m hopeful to get a lot of reading in this summer while enjoying the sun and water. I’ll probably mix it up between business books and “beach read” novels. Here are 3 books I’d recommend for your summer reading list!


1. Do Less by Kate Northup – I read this book in early summer last year. It was the perfect book for quarantine life as I know we were all evaluating our priorities and how much “busy” we wanted to keep in our lives when the world opened back up. Kate beautifully explains the mindset shifts and the tactics of a life not focused on fitting in more. She really changed my perspective on wearing busy like a badge of honor and I still find myself weighing whether a task or activity has purpose in my life before pursuing it. How many of the things that you do actually either bring you joy or use one of your best talents?


3 Business Books for the Summer


2. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, PH.D. – This one is a bit vintage and was recommended to me several years ago by one of my mentors and one of the most important people in my life. It’s essentially a collection of habits, behaviors, and thought patterns that lead to success. One of the habits I applied immediately was “be a front seater.” I’d actually always wanted to sit in the front row but there’s almost an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t. Maybe it’s related to confidence, maybe all the cool kids sat in the back in high school, or maybe we think it communicates some lack of humility. Because I changed this one thing, I’ve gotten a front row seat to so much action, learning, music, and opportunities. I think it says “this person is ready!”

3 Business Books for the Summer

3. Business Made Simple by Donald Miller – Get the best of business school combined with the unspoken rules that come from years of experience all in one place. This book is a 60 day guide to 9 areas where leaders and businesses excel. I’m a fan of all things Donald Miller (Story Brand, Marketing Made Simple, etc.) so this book is no exception.

3 Business Books for the Summer


If you haven’t read this one, you’re in luck! I’ve got a LinkedIn Business Book Club going and we’ll be starting Business Made Simple as our first read. We kick off on July 5th and there will be video recaps and questions from me along with plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking. Head on over to the club page to join us!