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Money money money…MONEY! Time is money. Money doesn’t grow on trees. More money, more problems. Money is the root of all evil. Did you grow up hearing any of these phrases?


Money is just a form of energy. It only has value because we’ve assigned it value. How we feel about money truly impacts how much of it comes to us. Let’s consider replacing some of those old sayings with some of these.


“Anytime you part with money, bless it and say “there’s always more where that came from.” – Marie Forleo


“Today, the greatest single source of wealth is between your ears.” – Brian Tracy


“I don’t think about money. I let money think about me.” – Holly Burgess


Our mindset is the first step but there are definitely tactical ways to make more money. Here are a few!


Talk to the right people. Before I became an entrepreneur, I had a 15 year career that included sales, marketing, and operations. One of the biggest differences between my professional career and my time as a business owner is the depth to which I think about ideal client profiles. Don’t get me wrong…during the years where I wore marketing hats, I always thought about demographics but there wasn’t as much focus on psychographics. These days, I dive deep into defining ideal clients for my marketing business clients and for my own businesses. Here are some of the things to consider when defining your dream client.


  • What do they look like?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What does their family look like?
  • Who’s voice is in their head? Mom? Dad? Spouse?
  • What does luxury look like to them?
  • What keeps them up at night?


This list could go on and on. Once you’ve defined your client, this is exactly who you want to talk to in every piece of content or collateral. When you talk to one person instead of trying to speak to everyone, something magical happens. Your dream clients will hear you, feel you, and reach out to you. Don’t worry about being too specific because people who are pretty close to exact matches will often be attracted as well.


Ask for it! I’ve coached, taught, and helped so many people over the years who feel uncomfortable with selling. I spent several years of my career in sales roles and it took time for me to get over it too. Sales stereotypes can make us feel a little grimy when we ask for a sale. As long as you are selling something that you are passionate about and that adds value for the person being sold to, there’s no need to feel that way. In fact, I’ve learned that people actually love to be sold to. Here are a few ways to ask for the sale.


  • Make sure your social media profiles clearly show how people can work with you. Profile visits are gold…these are interested prospects! They truly want to easily see how to take the next step.
  • When’s the last time you wrote a post truly asking for a sale? If you can’t remember, write one now.
  • Communicate with your clients regularly. You don’t have to sell them. Just help them. Money comes with it.
  • Raise your hand for opportunities. Ask to speak. Suggest your business. Why not you?
  • Manifest. Ask, believe, and feel worthy to receive. Write down what you are asking for.


Give it away. I love to spend money. I love to give to non-profits. I love to find work and opportunities for other people. Somewhere along my journey, I learned that the more willing I am to let money go, the more comes right back to me. One of my business coaches says it like this… “Money wants to move. Is it going to move to you or someone else?” Start from your heart but definitely don’t ignore the other benefits of giving.


  • Giving reduces your taxable revenue and income.
  • Connecting with organizations you care about creates a network and builds community.
  • Giving is one of the oldest public relations moves in the book for good reason.


Talk to the right people. Ask for it. Give it away. Repeat. It sounds simple because it is. The world is ready to pay you. All you really have to do is be ready to receive.


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