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The subject of this post will probably either be very popular or very unpopular. I hope you’ll stick with me because I do have a point and I’m not just being mean! “Imposter syndrome” has been a buzz phrase for a few years now and you’ve probably heard of it, felt it, or both. It’s completely natural to feel fear when we explore something new and feel like an “imposter.” However, the experiences I’ve had in this season of growth have led me to believe that sometimes…we actually are imposters. If you don’t feel like you are your most authentic self in business, one of these reasons might be why.


You’ve outgrown your job, business, clients, or industry. Sometimes the world can make us feel like we have to stay steady and keep on keeping on. That’s just not how life works. If we aren’t growing and evolving, we aren’t living…let alone living our best lives. As you learn, you have more opportunities to serve. If you’re finding feelings of “not enough” coming up regularly, take a beat and consider whether you’ve outgrown the work you are doing or if you might’ve pursued something that wasn’t for you in the first place. Life is too short to ignore new callings and ambitions. The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship is that you can just add things on if you still enjoy what you currently do. I still run my marketing consultancy but have also ventured into writing my first book and offering business coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs.


You have a “business you” and a “real you.” Burn down your business persona. The real you is so alluring that people cannot help their attraction. Everything from your shoes to your clothes to your language and attitude can be 100% authentic in business these days. I understand we all have “flavors.” I definitely wake up wanting to wear jogging pants one day and a suit jacket the next. I certainly read the room and use discernment in how I lead conversations. However, if you have a “customer service voice” or a certain mask you slap on when recording an Instagram story, you may actually be an imposter.


You are building something you don’t even want. This manifests in so many ways. You may have let fear choose your business model for you because it was safe. You may have become a lawyer because your parents told you to. Maybe you figured you’d just meet every need your clients have, even if it meant taking on work you don’t enjoy. Playing it safe and pleasing others will never make you happy and you are 100% responsible for your own happiness. You know how a handmade gift is perceived to be “made with love?” When you put a product or service out into the world that you are truly passionate about, people feel like there is an invisible “made with love” tag slapped right on it.


When we tap into our highest and best selves, use our greatest talents, and get our mindset right, it’s impossible to be an imposter. When we build things we care about, money and success come naturally. When we focus on helping others achieve, we can achieve all we ever wanted. Despite the title of this post, I do not believe you are an imposter. Not for one second. Show the world your truest self and you’ll see just how much impact you can make.